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Legion is underway!

by DropTopGSX, 155 days ago

Well fellow raiders of Azeroth, Legion has been out for a few months and raiding is going well! We just cleared Mythic Xavius (lulz) and are looking at ToV Mythic next, it will be a big step up in difficulty from EN but with the roster stabilized hopefully we can regain some ranks and kick even more ass. 


We used to use the in-game addon "Messageboard" to post absences but since the addon gives a lot of people frame rate or latency issues I have made a forum here to use instead. To reiterate our guidelines we ask for at least 24 hours notice of absences, but we do understand real life happens. If it becomes a consistent issue though we will demote/remove people from the raid team who cannot be consistent without prior approval from the raid leadership that they cannot make the attendance requirement. Remember we are a raid team and excessive absenteeism requires us to run an excessive bench which is not fun for those players, requires more recruiting time, increases roster turnover/churn, encourages apathy twards raiders "you don't know" and it spreads the gear out thinner for when we need to do progression making it that much more difficult. Please remember your obligation so we can keep a tight-knight group of players to have fun with inside and outside of raid time. -Sean


Nighthold releases Jan 17th, Be ready!!

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Mythic: Archimonde

by DropTopGSX, 494 days ago

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Mythic: Archimonde!

by DropTopGSX, 495 days ago

Great job everyone!

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Mythic: Mannoroth

by DropTopGSX, 526 days ago

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Mythic: Xhul'horac

by DropTopGSX, 535 days ago

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